On a Scale of 1 to 10…{What about the pain?}

Recently, I’ve received a lot of questions about my favorite topic…pain.

Okay, hopefully you picked up on the sarcasm about pain being my favorite. I actually try to stay away from pain-related talk. Chronic pain is messy and complicated and frustrating, and I normally sweep it aside and try to ignore it. Don’t even get me started on the 0-10 pain scale…blegh! But since people have asked…here’s the scoop on things in the pain department. I’ll do it in question format because I think that’s easier to organize.

Are you in pain right now? As I write, I do feel some pain in my stumplet. It’s minor and completely manageable. It’s usually pretty low, only increasing for a few minutes when I put my leg on or sleep on it weirdly. Compared to the off-the-charts pain that I had experienced 24/7 during the 2+ years after my pond accident, this is like a little slice of Heaven, even when I have some aches.

Are you taking any pain medications? Nope. I’m off all meds! I forgot to refill my prescription and just stopped taking my medications. I guess that’s not really recommended (so talk to your doctor before doing that!) but it worked for me. I can never remember to take pills anyways.

If I have an amputation, will my RSD/CRPS pain go away like yours did? Umm…I’m not actually an advocate for amputation as a way to treat RSD/CRPS, and I am sorry to the people who may have been given that impression. My amputation happened because of the Lymphedema/infection, not the RSD. Amputation can just cause the pain to spread to the stumplet, so then you’re left with one less body part but no less pain. Each case is different, and I think there are plenty of other options that can be investigated for RSD treatment before chopping off a limb. But talk to your doctor.

Why are you not in tons of pain then if you said the RSD can just spread to the stumplet? Good question. Nobody has a solid explanation for that one. My doctor said that the leg catheters that were placed after surgery may have reset my nerves, decreasing the pain even once the infusion was stopped. The effects of that could wear off in a few months, or I could be good to go forever. So that’s one factor. Some other things include the fact that I don’t let myself get caught up in pain, I’ve been diligent with desensitization, and there have been many prayers sent up to a very BIG God regarding this issue.

You don’t let yourself get caught up in pain? What does that even mean? Sometimes, pain signals try to work their way into my brain. Instead of allowing them to take up residence, I choose to ignore them. When I’m not focused on pain, it lessens. I just stop it before it gets to be too strong. {Okay, so it’s not quite that simple, but somehow I make it work.}

Is your pain going to come back? I sure hope not. However, my body is unpredictable. Let’s just keep hoping and praying against that, okay? Thanks.

So…are you in remission from your RSD? I would consider myself to be unofficially in remission. My typical RSD symptoms are pretty much gone, so I’m nearing or in remission. I just haven’t gotten my doctor’s confirmation on that one.

Does your prosthetic leg hurt? It’s a bit uncomfortable, but I think that’s because I’m still getting used to it. My leg isn’t hasn’t had to work this hard in years, so the muscles do feel like they’re being stretched. It’s not the best feeling ever, but I think my happiness from being on two feet outweighs the discomfort.

Any more questions? Leave them in the comments! You can also ask me in person, but like I said…pain is dumb and it’s so not my favorite topic of conversation. But if you ask, I’ll answer 🙂


2 thoughts on “On a Scale of 1 to 10…{What about the pain?}

  1. Donna Myrick says:

    I am so thankful to know that most of your pain is gone, Rachel. You endured so much in a few years and I imagine from these blogs, that you handled it with much grace and many prayers! Pain can be hard to bear in every form, a little or a lot, so I praise you for your attitude in the journey you went through! I hope the diminished pain continues, and we all hope and pray that someday you will be pain free!


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